My Personal Project 2011-12

My Personal Project 2011-2012

Hey everybody!
First of all, my name is Gauri I am currently a student at the American International School of Mozambique and I'm on my first baby steps to the creation and reflection of my Personal Project for the years 2011 and 2012! Overall, this website has been created for the reflection of what I did, every single idea I have, and what I hope to achieve, and what I have achieved and what knowledge I gained, EVERYTHING, about my Personal Project.
To start you off, I wanted my Personal Project be first related to Math, a strong area of mine which I enjoy as well. :) But over the time I thought that I should take a step further into Psychology, a subject that I've always admired but haven't really thought about it much, this was the perfect time for me to start on my studies of Psychology. Initially I'm sticking to the idea of how complex the rehabilitation and reintegration of a child soldier is and creating an awareness campaign promoting the idea to help the children that are in desperate need of rehabilitation as they are in emotional trauma or have been brainwashed at a young age that war is good and that you should fight in the war. I know that that sentence sounds a bit bizarre at the moment but after some time later I would have completely solidified my Personal Project and the main goal will be presented properly! 
Another thing I would like to include is the timeline for this website, this website is continuous and I hope to add a new entry/picture/interesting face regarding my topic every week or so. This entire summer, I would be working on the researching plan of my Personal Project. My school provides a lot of databases where its students can find reliable and detailed resources for instance, Questia or JSTOR. The first step of the process is called the Introduction phase, hence my title "WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO??" with the given date. The second part during the summer, is the research phase and my preparation, I have up till December to finish the building/implementation of my project and it is recommended that I try to finish everything by the end of summer vacation. The Third phase lies during our first and second quarter of Tenth Grade, meaning all of the class hours till December. Here we meet up with our advisors and we work on the drafts of our overall reflective report. By the beginning of the Fourth Quarter, we should have given in our final reports and Process Journal. It's going to be a lot of work- but can still be accomplished, I'm looking forwards to working on this project. :)
My other classmates also made their own personal projects online as well! Some are making their own BBQ sauce (which I can't wait to taste! :D), soap and their very own novel about (click on the second link to find out)! Here are their websites to also consider visiting!